Seminar: Yulia Sineokaya, « Russian philosophy and the war », June 21, 15:00

"Russian philosophy and the war"

This first session is organized by Dr Juliette Faure (CERI Sciences po, Université Paris II Assas) and Dr Jules Sergei Fediunin (CESPRA EHESS), coordinators of the “Political Ideas and Ideologies” CORUSCANT study group. This group aims to study the intellectual and ideological transformations in Russia in the context of war and authoritarian repression, particularly since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

The collective's ambition is to make this seminar one of the places where new research about Russia can be advanced, furthering the propositions made in its manifesto.

For this first session, CORUSCANT welcomes Yulia Sineokaya, former deputy director of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, until her emigration to France in 2022, founder and president of the Independent Institute of Philosophy. Founded in 2023 in Paris, it brings together social scientists who left Russia in opposition to the war, and now has over 100 members. Its aim is to enable them to develop their research activities and academic collaboration in exile.

In this presentation, Yulia Sineokaya will explore the current divisions of the Russian philosophical field, and the new fractures between Russian philosophers in exile, academics remaining in Russia and “philosopher-activists” such as Alexander Dugin. She will examine the growing politicization of philosophy in Russia, notably through the selective use of authors from the history of Russian philosophy to legitimize the war. Finally, she will analyze the impact of exile on the reorganization of a Russian intellectual community critical of the war and the regime.

The presentation will be made in French.

The session will take place on Friday June 21 from 3pm to 5pm at the Condorcet campus (Aubervilliers, metro station “Front Populaire”), room 0.015, on the first floor of the bâtiment de recherche sud. The session can also be accessed remotely via this link, on all browsers except Safari:
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