CORUSCANT, the Research Collective on Contemporary Russia for the Analysis of its New Trajectories was launched in autumn 2023. The Paris-based multidisciplinary collective proposes to rethink research about contemporary Russia, as the full-scale invasion of Ukraine is challenging traditional methods and questions on the country. Read our manifesto.

Our team
  • Dr Maxime Audinet
    Research Fellow, Institute for Strategic Research (IRSEM, Paris), lecturer, Paris Nanterre University.
  • Dr Julie Deschepper
    Assistant Professor in Heritage and Museum studies, Utrecht University.
  • Dr Clémentine Fauconnier
    Associate Professor in Political Science, University of Haute Alsace (Mulhouse).
  • Dr Kevin Limonier
    Associate Professor in Slavic Studies, French Institute of Geopolitics, Université Paris 8
  • Appoline Roy
    PhD candidate, French Institute of Geopolitics, Université Paris 8.
  • Morvan Lallouet
    PhD candidate, University of Kent, CORUSCANT project-manager.
CORUSCANT supported by the following universities, research centres and institution
Network and diffusion
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A leading analytical platform for academics, experts and journalists to discuss today's Russia.
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